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N4DFM's North GA Amateur Radio Page Guest Book

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Carl Herbert   25/Jul/2002:07:18:46
Neat site !
Don Gallaway   23/Jul/2002:05:03:07
My call is KB2DNL I'm from Western New York(Freedom NY)- I knew a guy
by the name of John Carver frm North Ga some where!! Never could find
him again That was in 1968-69! Nice website I lived in Columbus Ga 1970-
72 Worked at wrbl tv Channel 3 for a while and went to columbus Votech
school.. Again a nice site Regards Don
Candie 09/Jun/2002:22:27:44
Attractive and quality site you have here! Good work.
Grover Keith   03/May/2002:08:07:35
Jay / N4GJF   22/Mar/2002:08:56:52
Glad that I got to be your 3000th visitor.
The Lincoln Studio The Lincoln Studio Wants You!! 31/Jan/2002:15:38:54
One of our prestigious board members RYMAN C. JONES, SR. recommended
his brother-in-law's site which is this one. The Lincoln Studio is now
proud to be linked with yours. So visit ours and sign our guestbook.
May the Air Waves be filled with love, blessings and lots of HAM on rye!
Sincerely, Rich Burriesci -&- Ryman C. Jones, Sr. for The Lincoln Studio
Becky N4UYB's North Georgia Weather 19/Oct/2001:05:25:30
Hey Tony,

This is the bestest Amateur Radio page I have ever laid my eyes on! You
did a fantastic job. And believe me I know it's a job when you have
several pages to keep up! Hi ! Hi ! Your page is very informaative and
has lots of info links. A person can just spend hours at your site.
Also thanks for the link to my weather page. I'll be visiting your site
a lot in the future.

73's de
jim schneider   04/Sep/2001:23:10:49
hi there! your site is a gerat source of info. best 73! kx9d
Spazmatic   31/Aug/2001:05:09:05
WOW!!!!This page was 100% generated by using webb T.V.?? I must have
been fooled by the cheap price of WEBB T.V. You did a fantastic job.
Keep up the good work.
Jose A. Suarez 15/Aug/2001:18:27:29
Nice site with a lot of radio info. I like it. very funy the animation
of Snoopy being so happy for the visits to your web. If you donīt mind I
will copy the idea for my web. Best 73 es DX de EA1OS.
Opal Beard   21/Jun/2001:09:44:49
Ted the KC3OL discussion forum 13/Jun/2001:07:13:15
Nice web site!
73, Ted
Dave Garrett   29/May/2001:09:06:51
You have a great hamradio website. Thanks for the many links. I will
visit often.

Palm Coast, FL
Richard Ernest Walli ka4vhv-kg4akm ham radio web page 07/Mar/2001:13:41:39
Hi Tony:

Just wanted to say I still enjoy your webpage and it looks like I am
the 2000th visitor to the page.. What an honor.. I just wanted to
fill out a message in your scrapbook and drop you a line telling you
what a great webpage it is and gets better all along.. I enjoy the
links and the weather information as well..

All the best
Mike Davidson   24/Oct/2000:19:35:48
Excellent site ...well done thanks..73 Mike.
Juanita Butts Our adoption Journey 18/Oct/2000:09:48:47
Great page Tony!!! Keep up the good work.

Yvonne -&- Marvin Walk   01/Aug/2000:05:45:23
Rickus Ernest Wallis ka4vhv-kg4akm 01/May/2000:18:39:26
Well I can only say that this is a great ham radio page and radio in
general from weather radio to old radios.. There is a link for about
everything.. So I did enjoy the ride on the N4DFM webpage.. Im still
finding new stuff.. I followed one of the links and found an online
tube substitution guide and printed it off..

Keep her flying.

Wanda Snow   27/Apr/2000:18:13:37

I'm very impressed with the all the links connected to your web page. All are very informative and related to a wide range of interests. This is one of the best and favorite web pages I like to visit. Keep up the good work!
bill king jr. same 20/Apr/2000:19:11:33
hey tony love your site sorry i havent gotten back before now think of
you often@Margret hope you all are well.working 2 businesses dont ever
get to email.keep in touch ,would love to see yall soon. love
Jack K8BVJ AMATEUR RADIO 11/Apr/2000:20:15:41

Hi Tony:

Boy! talk about putting a lot of time into creating a webtv site..super job Tony!

I very rarely run across another ham who uses webtv.....its so much easier to use than a regular computer.
Like you...I just use an old Classic...but use webtv services for pictures, graphics, etc.

When I sell radio gear...I simply show it on its own page and boy! let me tell it really helps when your trying to sell something.
Like they say a picture is worth a thousand words.....hi.
Well for now you take care and look for me on 40 CW sometime...I usually hangout around 7045

Jack K8BVJ
Tanmoy Das INFO-KID WEBZINE 16/Mar/2000:23:52:47
Hey just surfed in though I do not know any thing about ham except that
it is a costly hobby and you need to have some technical knowledge and
you come across some interesting people while pursuing your hobby. BUT
way the place where I live is called Gardiner/ Have you heard that word
some were before??? ( I am an INDIAN ). By the way I invite you to drop
down at my website and please remmember to sign the guest book.
Jay Fox Severe Weather Stalker 16/Mar/2000:14:28:27
The definitive HAM site for N Georgia.
Randy Snow   16/Mar/2000:10:54:14

Nice page. You need to design web pages for pay. I'm impressed. Talk to ya later.
Mike KB2HJC KB2HJC's Home Page 24/Feb/2000:13:56:04
Nice Site Just browseing around Here in NJ
Keep up the good work Fellow Hams!!!

73 Mike KB2HJC
Chuck Jones   23/Feb/2000:12:30:32
It's been awhile since I checked out your page....KOOL! Lots of
information, great styling, great job. You have obviously been putting
in a lot of effort.
Rick Wallis   22/Feb/2000:22:41:39


I dont mess with these things unless the page is special, well
designed, full of information or just plain pretty.. your web page
meets all the above and more.. A swell job.. Part of the new ham exams
should be to view the N4DFM web page.



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